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Why Two Rivers Trust Co.?
What is a Revocable Living Trust? 
A revocable trust is a popular estate planning tool that individuals can use to determine who will inherit their property.  It is a legal document between three parties:
  • Grantor - Creates the trust
  • Trustee - Holds and manages assets
  • Beneficary - Receives the benefits from the trust

​Revocable living trusts can be amended or revoked at any point during the grantor's lifetime as financial and family issues demand.  The grantor can add or withdraw assets, modify trustee responsibilities, change beneficiaries and direct payments of income and principal.

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As trustee, Two Rivers Trust Co., will collect and reinvest income, maintain trust records, distribute income and principal as directed, safekeep assets, oversee filing of tax returns, prepare account statements and maintain investment objectives. Two Rivers Trust provides the highest level of personalized services.