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What is a Fiduciary?
A fiduciary acts for and on behalf of individuals, families and organizations in a particular matter or circumstance which gives rise to a relationship of trust and confidence.  The fiduciary is charged with prudently managing money for other parties.  A fiduciary is often referred to as the trustee of a trust, the executor of an estate, or the conservator of the assets of a "protected person".

What is a Corporate Fiduciary?
A corporate fiduciary is an organization, such as Two Rivers Trust Co., who acts in a position of trust for individuals, families and other organizations.  The appointment of a corporate fiduciary should be made carefully.  The pros and cons of employing a family member or mega-bank that offers trust services as part of their menu of services should be weighed against the benefits of hiring an independent trust company.  Two Rivers Trust is a local independent trust company that provides highly personalized trust services.

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