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What is Involved in Settling an Estate?
Settling an estate can be a complicated and time consuming process. Do you appoint a family member, friend or corporate fiduciary as your executor?  The duties of a personal representative are not only governed by the will, but also by state and federal tax statutes, and by the courts.  The demands for an individual acting as a personal representative can be overwhelming.
Why Two Rivers Trust Co.?

Two Rivers Trust Co., as your personal representative, has the experience to settle your estate while treating your family and other beneficiaries with impartiality, respect and diginity.  As an experienced corporate fudiciary we can save the estate time and money.  Two Rivers Trust strives to keep beneficiaries informed and advance the estate settlement process quickly and smoothly.  Comprehensive estate settlement services are offered including:

  • Asset Collection
  • Appraisals and Valuations
  • Payment of Claims    
  • Bequest Fulfillment
  • Probate and Tax Filings
  • Court Accountings
  • Family Communications

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